Medical Centre "VERITAS"



„The clever person treats himself/herself on time and the wise person prevents the disease”
(Chinese proverb)

Diagnosis based on the Eastern Medicine

The diagnosis based on the Eastern medicine is connected to the examination and inspection aiming at the determination of the changes taking place in the organism. The goal of the Eastern medicine is to determine the reasons for the pathology and the method for their elimination. Master Danski states in its medical book that “We have analyze and explore the external displays of the patient in order to know what is happening inside the body because the diseases of the internal organs have their own manifestations on the surface of the body”. This is why by the means of analysis and synthesis the reasons and the factors for the disease can be determined and they constitute the basis for the future treatment and differentiation.

Bioenergy of the person (“chi” according to the Chinese, “ki” according to the Japanese, “prana” according to the Hindus) circulates in certain channels in the human body called the meridians. The organism consists of 12 meridians. For 24 hours the bioenergy “Chi” makes a whole cycle by transfusing from one meridian to another. Every meridian is active for 2 hours during those 24 hours. Six of the meridians are “Yan”(heat, swelter, fire- the male beginning) and the rest are “In” (cold, darkness, peace-the female beginning). If there is a malfunction the right transfusion of “Chi” on the meridians is disrupted. Figuratively interpreted it can be compared to a bended hose– before the bending there is accumulation of bioenergy, after the bending there is a lack of bioenergy.

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