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„We are three - me, you and the disease. Whatever side you take it will win“

For the last 10 years whenever I have had health problems the person who always helped me to recover is Vania Alexandrova.

Ivan Krustev, politician

I am visiting Vania Alexandrova for the last 10 years. Last time when I visited her was after shooting a movie and because of the tension I had a high blood pressure. Thanks to Vania Alexandrova my high blood pressure was regulated and back to normal. I have recommended her to at least 15 friends and all of them are very satisfied with the treatment.

Djeki Stoev, movie director

I know Vania for 10 years now. Every time I meet her I am surprised with the new methods she uses when treating her patients. She determines the symptoms and the reasons for the diseases and health disorders. The time spent in her medical cabinet is not only an acupuncture treatment but also a challenge to our ideas and perceptions for a healthy lifestyle.

Galin Stoev, theatre director

I know Master Vania Alexandrova for more than 18 years. All the people working in the cinematographic centre were her patients. The international actors have also visited her during the shootings. I have seen famous actors such as Denis Berry and Jacques Dorfmann. Both international and Bulgarian actors visited her whenever they had a need. We all visited her in order to be stimulated and be healthy before we get sick (in order to prevent diseases and disorders). One year ago I had a serious problem and I visited her once again. I had everyday diarrhea and serious pain in the abdomen. Unfortunately at this point of time Vania was in Germany. I had these serious problems for four months. I have visited different doctors and I had taken different kinds of medicines but all of them happen to be helpless. I was so sick that I could not leave the house and as a result I felt very upset. Then Vania came back from Germany, she made an iris diagnosis and she started treating me. All my health problems disappeared after 15 procedures. More than a year now I feel healthy and in good shape thanks to her.

Your sincerely,

Poly Dimitrova, Assistant Director within the Cinematographic Centre

Vania Alexandrova is my personal doctor for the last 15 years. I had numerous health problems, bad condition and low spirits when I first visited her. I have allergies and I cannot take any kind of medicines. The chemical substances are harmful to the organism in contrast to the methods she uses which are benign. I had discopathy, problems with the abdomen and gallic troubles, insomnia as a result of nerves and others and she saved me. Her methods of treatment are very efficient and enjoyable. I am 62 years old but after her treatment I look 10 years younger and more importantly I feel younger. If you really want to be healthy and feel better just visit her.

Iskra Chausheva, Casting Director within the Cinematographic Centre and presently the casting Director of the Bulgarian TV show “Forbidden Love”

When I first visited Master Vania, I had a very serious problem. No medicines could help me. After 20 procedures I recovered and I was healthy once again. I am very grateful to her.

Ludmila Vulcheva, writing scripts within the Cinematographic Centre

The Bulgarian National Federation of Balneology and Tourism has at its disposal a great number of good specialists working in the domain of balneology and tourism. Dr Vania Alexandrova is one of them and she actively participates in the activities of the Federation. In addition, she is a member of various prominent medical organizations.

Dr Alexandrova uses the methods of reflex-therapy, acupuncture, laser therapy, iris diagnosis and she is one of the best specialists in the domain. The Federation has used her methods and they have been successful. As a result we have given her a recommendation for all balneology centers In the country and abroad aiming at the exchange of experience among specialists.

Assocaite director Adreva, balneologist
Plamen Botev, Director
Elza Zareva, Secretary

I know Vania Alexandrova since 1992. Then I had problems with the sinusitis and chronic cold. Also, I had other problems such as stress and nervous system, bone and joints problems, problems with the immune system and release of the toxins of the body. During these 17 years I have always tried to comply with her advice and recommendations and I have always get well in the nick of time.

Vania Alexandrova is a curer and doctor with a Master degree which is a very rare combination. She has completed a number of specialist programmes of traditional Eastern medicine. She practices the iris diagnosis and all her diagnoses are very precise. Vania uses diverse methods of treatment including acupuncture, different therapies with needles, stimulation of important energy points of the body, auricular therapy, moxa, cupping glasses, laser therapy, electic stimulation, massage, treatment with herbal teas and instructions for eating good and healthy food.

The treatment is complex. The advice and recommendations that Vania Alexandriova gives are not only useful for the wellbeing and health but more importantly they have lasting effects. The results of her treatment made me disregard and stop visiting other doctors. On the one hand, I do not need other doctors and on the other hand I lost confidence in the methods of contemporary medicine. I have taken my father, my son and other people and absolutely always the result was positive.

Besides Vania is a very nice person and knows how to communicate with patients so that they feel good in her company. These are the reasons why I am very grateful for everything what she has done for me and what she continues to do. My opinion is that if in Bulgaria there were more doctors like her then the diseases as well as the patients would have disappeared from Bulgaria.

Dear Vania I wish you all the best and I hope that more people will come to you and will be part of your treatment. I wish you also lots of success in career plan.

Dr Vasil Guliashi, physicist

I have been using the methods of treatment of Vania Alexandrova for long time. I had asthma and high blood pressure and she helped me to cure it. Then I had problems with the joints and the bones and she cured them successfully once again.

In May 2008 I decided to participate in a programme for losing weight made by her. The programme took place in Borovetz in Hotel Samokov. There was a group of people who participated in the programme. After the iris diagnosis everyone received an individual programme for the correction of the weight. The programme consisted in treatment, active sport including aqua aerobics, latin dancing, aerobics, walks in the mountain and no starvation. For 10 days all the participants have lost from 5 to 7 kg. We were all very happy because the lost of the weight was visible in the waist, hip and thight. The mood was very positive and the atmosphere was very nice. We were all feeling very well after the programme and we all had self-confidence about our looks.

Yours sincerely,
Boni Pankova

I have had migraine for more than 5 years. The headaches were lasting 48 hours and I had crisis every two weeks. I have tried many medicines but the results were only to make the pain duller. I thought it was impossible to cure my migraine. However I decided to try other possibilities and I have found Dr Alexandrova. I have started the procedures with skepticism but the thing that happened with my organism made me believe in acupuncture. In my opinion the latter is the better choice when there are existing problems with the functioning of the organism. After the treatment I am once again in good health, energetic and self-confident. Now I am able to practice my profession without any problems.

Veselina Petrova, advocate

I would like to share with you the story of my son and the treatment of Master Alexandrova.

14 years ago my 8-year-old son was diagnosed with seriously damaged glucose tolerance (leading usually to diabetes). He was not eating and yet the sugar in his blood was 13. After a year of unsuccessful treatment including healthy food, the GP has suggested to start with insulin in order to prevent the appearance of diabetes. I refused. I was lucky to meet Vania Alexandrova who took the initiative to treat my son with the methods that she practices. The treatment lasted more than 2 years and the procedures were on specific time lapses. The result is that my son is now a young and strong 22 years old and he does not even remember the disease. He has a very good memory of the knowledge and treatment practiced by Vania Alexandrova. She helped him to be what he is now.

We are both very happy to say THANK YOU in public: Thank you Vania!

Natalia and Genady

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