Medical Centre "VERITAS"



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„We are three - me, you and the disease. Whatever side you take it will win“

First consultation / our first meeting

Now let me introduce you to the way our first meeting will proceed after making an appointment.

I start with diagnosis.

I will make an iris diagnosis via a microscope; all the information is stored on my computer. You will receive a hard copy or a CD with the information. I will read the signs, spots and lagoons on your iris out of which we get detailed information for your condition.

Also I make other types of diagnosis in which you will actively take part such as pulse diagnosis, body zones diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, auricular diagnosis and other.

In case you have blood or other tests and photos, it is desirable to bring them but for me the most important is my diagnosis on the basis of which I decide what will be your treatment.

In the end of the therapy I make another diagnosis in order to compare it with the first diagnosis and examine what are the results.

I am working with the collaboration with the DIAPRO Laboratory for Medical Diagnosis.

The treatment may include food supplements such as Vitaslim, Tyanshi, Aloe Vera, Madal Bal, CaliVita, AquaSource and GreenValley.

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