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Health programme "La Vita"

The programmes include three stages:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment in "Veritas Cabinet" Sofia, Stephan Karadza str.9
    (for those who do not live in Sofia there is an accommodation in the Hotel "Славянска беседа"
  2. Personal programme- food regime, sports and treatment
  3. Vacation including treatment and relax-in hotels in the mountains, sea resorts and maybe abroad

If you want to participate in such activities and vacations with sports and relax- in the nature- Borovetz, Kiten, Sunny Beach, Velingrad and others. A personal programme will be prepared for you.

Whatever programme you choose the aim is to escape from the stress and tension. Get few free days-3, 5, 7 and 10 days- vacation, treatment and relax- aiming at the restoration of the good health and self-esteem with the health programmes “ La Vita” prepared by Master Vania Alexandrova.

You can achieve what you want in a peaceful, comfortable and elegant atmosphere. The programmes are personal and they involve a strictly personal regime:

  • Treatment- on the basis of diagnosis and acupuncture with laser therapy and scennar
    Exams and tests in Laboratory DIAPRO.
  • Treatment with sea lye, micro seaweeds, miscro-fauna with strong antiallergic capacities, anti-sceptic activities, regenerating tissue-related processes in the organism
  • Food- according to the personal programme, recommended by a nutritionist
    You can choose to take food supplements such as Viaslim Line, Vitaslim Beauty and others.
  • Sports- aretobics, step, pilates, gym, swimming, aqua-aerobics, sauna, solarium, yoga, horse riding, safari, steam room, aroma-therapy, tangentor, therapy with honey, bath with pearls and sea weed, solarium, Jacuzzi, bowling, tennis table, mini-golf, chest and cards.
  • Tours and excursions
  • There are many dances-latino dances, traditional and others

For those of you who want additional services not included in the package the hotels can offer cosmetics, massages, aromatherapy and massages, classical massage, tangentor, massage with volcanic stones, therapy with honey, shiatsu massage, anti-cellulite massage, Chocolate Pleasure therapy, Heaven pleasures, Therapy Wine, oriental magic, pearl bath with seaweed.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is included in your vacation?
  • What type of diagnosis determines your programme and treatment?
  • What is included in the treatment?
  • What sports, tours and excursions are included in the programme?
  • What additional services are offered in the hotels?
  • What is included in the package price and others


The programmes take place in Borovetz, Sunny Beach, Kiten and others.

This is only the beginning because as Bob Green stated ”The treatment is a difficult and continuous process”. This programme lasts for the whole life, but you can come and start now with us because " You cannot live your dream life without facing the truth in the eyes. Every extra kilogram, every disease, every tension, every cigarette must be left aside forever. Only when you get rid of those habits you can feel free and smile again in order to continue to face the challenges in life" - Oprah Winfrey.


For more information:

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Telephone: +359 889 501 574/ +359 894 317 687

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