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Programme "Detoxication "


Now a days our health is jeopardized by various threats. The environment is very aggressive and we cannot allow ourselves not to take care of our organism. For a year the bad food regime and stress exposure can compile more than 1 kg of toxins under the impact of negative external factors such as the air, the water, food, excessive use of drugs and antibiotics, stress and others.

The basic factors for growing old and toxications are our habits.

Stages of  detoxication:

1. Preparartion
2. Detoxication
3. Rehabilitation

Detox is a natural process of the human body. The latter has the capacity to throw out the toxins which we accept with the food and the environment.

What is included in the "Detox programme"?

  1. Analysis of the physical condition of the participants at the beginning of the programme
  2. Iris Diagnosis and consultation with specialists such as dermatologist, allergist and others
  3. Exams by Laboratory DIAPRO:
    • Toxins – cholesterol
    • Bladder, kidney; calcium, potassium, protein, uric acid, creatinin, albumin
    • Bacteria;
    • Viruses;
    • Parasites;
    • Heavy metals – copper, zink, selenium, quicksilver,
    • Vitamins, minerals and others
  4. Treatment:
    • Acupuncture- positioning of micro needles on the year in order to clear the body from the toxins and release the stress and tension
    • Laser
    • Scennar
    • Moxa
    • Cupping glasses
    • Zone therapy
    • Plasters from Kali Vita- detoxicating plasters
    • Plasters with sea lye

The therapy programme is personal and takes into account the preferences of each individual participating in it.

Diet and food regime prepared by a nutritionist

The food must contain lots of alkaline derived from row vegetables which have the capacity to alkalize the blood and the tissues and simultaneously, they supply the body with the necessary elements for detoxication. The food containing acids had impact on the joints, tissues, muscles, organs and glands. They can lead to arthritis of the muscles, pain in the muscles and many other diseases which attack the internal organs and glands. The presence of many acids in the organism makes it difficult for the immune system to function properly. The recipe for good health is in the alkaline food products. The balance of PH in the organism is very important. The alkaline food must dominate over the food containing acids.

Inclusion of food supplement with natural sources

  • Food with fibres containing vitamins A, C, E and Selenium
  • Juices from vegetables- broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, carrots, courgette, parsley, beetroot
  • Fruits- apples, bananas, forest fruits, grapefruit, nectarines, oranges, peaches, pears
  • Food products containing lots of minerals, microelements and enzymes

The fruits, vegetables and WATER must be the basics in our daily food regime.

The supply with food having detoxicating abilities helps the detoxication process and speeds up the burning of toxins.

Each programme is also accompanied by the drinking of teas- nettle, mint, gumtree(eucalyptus); Those elements have the capacity of remove the mucus from the organism and they increase the urinating, improve the activity of the stomach and intestine, remove the constipation.

In order to decrease to minimum the production of products we have to decrease the taking of acid food and calories.

When the programme is taking place in a hotel, it will be accompanied by sports activities (again coordinated with the personal regime of the participants).

Expected Results

The internal cleansing of the organism leads to a quicker regain of health and better healing of traumas.

The expected results from the detoxication programme are:

  • Detoxication of the liver
  • Purify the blood from heavy metals
  • Increase of the energy and decrease the stress
  • Internal cleansing of the whole organism
  • Improving the potency
  • Relieve the pain
  • Improving the sleeping and the memory
  • Detoxication of the kidneys
  • Removing of
  • Healing the acne and wrinkles
  • Purification from parasites
  • Normalizing the weight
  • Improving the immune system
  • Decreasing the holding of water in the human body
  • Removing the infections and infectious processes and others

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