Medical Centre "VERITAS"



"The bliss of the body is in the health, the bliss of the minds is in the knowledge."


Are you interested in training?

If you are confused by the chaotic information.

If you are reading about Su Jok one minute, next- about meridians and auricular therapy, and then about Yamamoto, the training courses will help you to understand the similarities and differences between the Chinese, Korean and Japanese diagnosis and treatment which are in the basis of the Philosophy of the East.

Let me introduce you to the four basic courses each one of which are 6 hours:

  1. Philosophy of the Eastern medicine and Philosophy of Humans
  2. Korean Medicine - Su Jok
  3. Chinese medicine - acupuncture, auricular therapy, zone therapy, moxa, cupping glasses, magnet therapy and others
  4. Japanese medicine - Yamamoto (skull acupuncture)

The aim of the introductory courses is to help you choosing the next step of the training which involves more detailed classes. The latter will be 5 or 10 days classes focused on a particular type of medicine.

The above-mentioned courses will take place on Saturdays.

For details and enrolment: (+359) 894 317 687.

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